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Trout fishing: How to catch more than your neighbour!

Ivo Nijboer 18 mars 2022
Trout fishing: How to catch more than your neighbour!
Trout fishing: How to catch more than your neighbour!

Trout fishing has been a fun outing for friends, neighbours, family or colleagues for many years. It is a relaxing activity and if the catch is 'good', you get a nice meal out of it. Trout fishing is almost always done in the Netherlands in the well-known trout ponds, also known as 'Put and takes'. The trout is put out with the aim of catching the fish and then taking it home. But how do you catch more than your neighbour?

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  • How do you smoke trout? Click on the image and read all about it!


How does a trout pond work?

Trout ponds raise their own trout or buy farmed fish from other breeders at home or abroad. The owners of the ponds buy these fish in large numbers and let them swim in large basins where the freshness of the water is one of the most important points. The breeder/owner works daily to keep the water quality perfect. The fish are often sorted by size, weight and species in these basins so that it can be quickly determined which type/size of fish should be released into the ponds.

Forel van eigen kweek

How many fish are released is often decided on a daily basis. Often owners choose to release a certain number of fish or pounds per angler. So the more anglers that come to fish, the more trout or 'kilos of fish' are released. The trout ponds do this to ensure that there are always enough fish in the ponds. This means that visitors can always catch good fish, although the catches can always vary greatly from day to day.

The right technique at the right time.

Will the fish bite during the team outing? Often, you only know on the day itself. There are differences in the seasons, but also on the day itself. You can estimate this a few days in advance. For example, the early morning is better than the afternoon. In the morning, the fish are often still swimming all over the pond and not necessarily in groups. Later in the day you will see groups forming, which is easy to see on a sunny day with polarising sunglasses!

On a cloudy or very cold day, you can detect groups of anglers who regularly cast from the same spot and regularly catch fish. This group will automatically move around the pond. So make sure that you are already close by, chances are that you are the next one to get a lot of bites!

In this blog, I will not discuss mounting and fishing techniques. Broadly speaking, there are two ways to catch trout, excluding the fly rod. Trawling with powerbait and/or mealworm and fishing with a trout float are the two most popular ways.


  • Vary the retrieval speed of your bait
  • Find the right colour of powerbait of the day
  • Combine! Two colours of powerbait or combine powerbait with a mealworm
  • Walk actively along the pond in search of trout
  • Vary the size of the bait. Change between one or two mealworms or the size of your powerbait.

Float fishing:

  • Vary the depth of the float. Find the depth that catches the best
  • Cast far and pull your float in every few seconds/minutes
  • Powerbait floats and a mealworm sinks. Keep that in mind!
  • Don't forget to fish with powerbait floating on the surface on a hot summer day.
  • Large fish are often best caught in a passive way. So leave your float longer with, for example, a mealworm or wax moth attached if you want to catch one of the larger specimens.
Forel met molen

General tips:

Always take ready-made rigs with you and attach them to a swivel. This prevents many knots. Especially if you fish actively with powerbait, if it does get knotted you can replace the rig quickly and easily. Use a trout dough builder, this will put the powerbait back on the hook quickly and you will be ready to catch the next fish!

Take spare materials with you! Not every angler at the pond is equally well trained. So the chance to get tangled up with each other is always present. You can take this into account in advance. Make sure you have enough spare materials, this prevents many annoyances!


Do you have any questions about catching trout? Feel free to ask our customer service, we are happy to help!

Do you want to be successful in your next fishing session? Make sure you've got the right Trout materials and who knows you might just catch your new PB!

Share your photos with Raven! You can always do so through social media channels like Instagram and of course Facebook. Or send your photos to Foto@raven.nl and maybe you'll see your catch on one of Raven's social media pages!

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